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5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA, 92110
United States


Satyan Devadoss, Professor of Mathematics, Professor of Computer Science, University of San Diego





The Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo National Teaching Award in 2016, presented by the Mathematical Association of America, to honor teachers who have been widely recognized as extraordinarily successful.

Inaugural Fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2013, for members who have made outstanding contributions to mathematics.

The Nelson Bushnell Prize in 2012, awarded by Williams College, to faculty in recognition of excellence in scholarship, teaching, and writing. 

The Northeastern Sectional Award for Distinguished Teaching, awarded in 2014 by the Mathematical Association of America, for teaching that has been extra ordinarily successful.

The Henry L Alder National Teaching Award in 2007 from the Mathematical Association of America, to honor young faculty whose teaching has influence beyond their own classrooms.

Vizzies “Expert’s Choice” Winner of 2018, honoring the best science visualization of the year, awarded by the National Science Foundation and Popular Science.

Inaugural William Kelso Morrill Award in 1995 from the Johns Hopkins University, for the love of teaching, love of mathematics, and concern for students.


The North Central College Young Alumni Award in 2008, given to those who have excelled in their careers and have demonstrated service to the community and to North Central.

Selected Invitations


Sample Presentations

2013 Daring Change, Williams College.

The Decline of Disciplines and the Renaissance Revival

2018 Culture Care Summit, Brehm Center, Fuller Theological Seminary.

Blue Collar Mathematics

2015 Michael E. Moody Lecture Series, Harvey Mudd College.

Shape of Nature: Bee, Tree, Origami